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Harmonic Strategy 4H

Harmonic Forex Strategy

This strategy is very special using the harmonic strategy using our indicator : DOWNLOAD.

  • Install the indicator & Template in MT4
  • OPEN Chart 4H
  • Load The Template .

Strategy Intro : This strategy is Semi-Automatic , wich mean you will use our indicator above , it will automatically detect and show you the signal based on 4 type of chart pattern : Crab, Bat , Gartly & Butterfly

Then You need to executed orders & Exit based on rules manully .

LONG Entry ( BUY Rules ) :

enter a long trade when Any of following signals appear as defined pattern : Bullish Crab, Bullish Bat , Bullish Gartly , Bullish Butterfly .


SHORT Entry ( SELL Rules ) :

enter a Short trade when Any of following signals appear as defined pattern : Bearish Crab, Bearish Bat , Bearish Gartly Bearish , Bearish Butterfly.

THE signal will appear in the form of RED Square , which will display the value which we will act accordingly .

EXIT Rues : the exit trade will be devided in two phases , as first we got the Half target as First TP then we follow to the next target , so we’ll place the first realisation target at the opposit border of the scare & The 2nd target the first dotted line displayed .

STOP Loss : we’ll position the stop loss at the start of scare


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