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NEW STORY of No1options SCAM submited to us

There is a MASSIVE global scam going on around “Binary Options” trading, with people losing their life savings, either through “authorised” transactions, or the scammers then using credit card details supplied to put through unauthorised transactions. People around the world are losing their life savings to these criminals. The “company” who defrauded me are REGISTERED IN THE UK.

These fraudsters have official looking websites and have even set up “binary options review” sites under various names. These review sites come up as the first 3-4 google search pages when searching for these various companies. All give these companies great ratings and recommend them. You can tell they are not bona fides however as they also have an “open account now” embedded in the reviews. A lay person however doing the search to see if there money will be safe, will see link after link assuring him the company is genuine and offers a good return.

My son tried to help me make a little extra money last year as he knows that as a single mum helping him and 2 elderly, sick parents, and an ex-husband who left me in debt. I am struggling financially. put a few trades through No1Options “Binary Options” trading company from Sept to Nov last year. The told him to create his account in the name of a third party, Jack Mason, for tax reasons. They said that each trade was full insured so there would not no losses one way or the other. He lost $35,000 in “trades” because, whilst they see he made a profit and all his trades were insured against loss, No 1 Options refuses to return the money. On or about Dec 10 2016, nearly $70,000 was put through my credit cards by No 1 Options. These transactions were never authorised. The brokers my son dealt with were Gordon Freeman, and later Sean Davis. Apparently Gordon Freeman was fired because he had failed to provide my son with the right information and had made other “mistakes”. The “owner” was Dave Rosenberg, an Israeli National. A simple search through the Israeli Times uncovers numerous articles on how Israeli Binary Options scams.

All communications with No.1 Options in this matter were conducted in the name of Jack Mason (my son was also provided with an email address in this name) and were conducted either by way of Skype/ WhatsApp calls or messages. Only on one occasion was he – “Jack Mason” – sent an email and this was as a result of a demand that No.1 Options provide information on the insurance underwriter, certificate of currency and details of the cover taken out by No.1 Options for his trades.

On sighting of the response from No.1 Options, it again became clear that No.1 Options was not a legitimate bona-fides organisation. The fact that their reply contained no credible information and was amateurish, to say the least, and based on the fact that they never complied with any undertakings /promises made by them and also never provided Michele with any information when requested has led to this belief.

No.1 Options was then researched and investigated, whereon we discovered that the company was the subsidiary of an Anguillan corporation called SHOF Marketing, owned by Dave Rosenberg. A check was also carried out with the regulatory authorities in the West Indies and in the USA with the SEC and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission to establish if these companies were registered. These bodies had no record of No.1 Options or its Holding Company. The research indicated that these companies were purely offshore paper companies. We then proceeded to investigate the IP Address as shown on an email sent to Michele and this showed it emanated from a server in the UK. (owner of IP address- Rackspace Cloud Servers IP space UK) This, however, is not the definitive of No.1 Option’s base of operations as this could have been routed through servers anywhere in the world. This view is further reinforced by research which has identified their London address is a residential unit which serves as the registered office and ”Post Restant” for a further 126 companies. Earlier this year, “ownership” was transferred to another company, registered in the UK, called OTP Solutions, with a Mexican Director, Christian Jose Cosmes Lancon . No evidence can be found that this person existed before OTP was incorporated late in 2015. A search also has over 10 registered addresses in the UK for this person (all are shared with a number of other companies or individuals.

In view of the above, all credit cards were stopped immediately and statements were requested. It was at this point that it was discovered that in addition to the transactions made by my son, a substantial number of unauthorised transactions had also been made.

In addition to the so called “trades” (debits to cards) which we acknowledge as having been made by him, a number of unauthorised transactions have been put through. These unauthorised debits have been made by persons other than the victims, making use of both my and son’s card details. We can only assume that No.1 Options/their employees or an unknown third party without authorisation as put though additional debits. In this regard, when this organisation was asked for proof that these transactions were carried out by either of us, they have been unable and /or unwilling to do so.

The problem reported here is comprised of 2 parts:

· Transactions carried out by my son with the perpetrator- for which services were never received

(My son entered into a contract/arrangement with No.1 Options to trade in share options. From the information given to him by this organisation, he believed that he was dealing with a bona fides trading organisation and that he was free to trade with them for whatever period of time and/or number of transactions he chose. He believed that they were brokers specialized in this type of trading and conducted themselves in a reputable manner)

· Unauthorised transaction with the perpetrator which we have no knowledge of

I alerted all 4 Australian banks immediately in December. 2 refunded me- no questions asked. I’ve had to bring a case against Citibank for $7,500 with the financial services ombudsman and am awaiting a decision. The National Australia Bank (from whom the bulk of the money was taken), are still investigating and tell me that it is difficult to prove the unauthorised transactions given the authorised ones. It’s been an 8 month long nightmare with these guys. I still owe $70k and nearly $1,000 of interest a month. Neither Citibank nor the National have put a moratorium on interest until the matter is resolved.

No1 Options “address”:
1a Arcade House, Temple Fortune, London UK

An investigation has been carried out on this address and it found out that the registered offices of this organisation is a residential unit. It was further discovered that this address is the registeredaddress of 127 other companies. This fact was confirmed by the Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad in London – ref: 26338/04012016- Lisa

They have subsequently “moved” to 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, United Kingdom. This is a virtual office that forwards mail and phone calls

These addresses are purely a “post restante” and the operations of this organisation are conducted elsewhere. As result of this the question of jurisdiction becomes an issue

Website: http// Please note that the contents of this website have been changed over time

Checks about No 1 Options have been carried out with:

· Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission

· Financial Conduct Authority, UK

· Regulatory authority in Anguilla, West Indies (holding company in an Anguillan company)
Complaints were lodged about No 1 Options with:
· The financial regulatory authorities referred to above
· The UK Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad
· Action Fraud in the UK
· The Australian Federal Police
· New South Wales Police
· ACORN (Australian Cybercrime unit)
· Scamwatch Australia
· ASIC (Australian Financial Regulatory Authority
– CI3 – the FBI’s cybercrime division
Other links to show that No 1 Options are criminals and scammers:…ide-trading-authority-and-instructions.43545/…2016-002-teresa-bebb-vs-no1options-com.43546/…se-2016-061-buddhaju-vs-no1options-com.44441/.…se-2016-059-amal2885-vs-no1options-com.44356/

Best wishes
Angela Sedran

PO Box 344, Waverley, NSW, 2022

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  1. Zareer Antia said:

    Yes, i fully agree that No1 options web portal is cheating people as I have been cheated too for a good sum of money.The persons you contact as brokers seem to be contacting you from telephone numbers that you cannot call back. They refuse to allow you any withdrawl, force you to allow them to trade on your behalf and before your very eyes you see the large accumulated funds in your account vanish. This web portal should be blocked and some way must be devised to enable the innocent investors from loosing money. Such fraudulent means of swiping cards, having access to credit card companies to withdraw peoples money etc must be strictly dealt with and the criminals traced and punished.

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