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no1options scam

Hello Every One , Dear Traders from All the World .

Today we have confirmed that , as  SCAM broker with all proof and evidence collected since 1 month from our investigation team , No1options is owned and operated by : SHOF Marketing LTD , No headquarter ! , we have investigated and send some friend to check their location in UK , Is not exist !


No1Options is not licensed by CySEC and not regulated in UK. We asked No1Options when they will get a license from CySEC and they said they hope to receive it in the next few months, check status here , which make this company work behind UK authority eys. Case :

DATE : AUG 12th 2015

We have executed 2 Orders LONG TERMS on EUR/USD

the 1st order #501615 was executed on price : 1.10680 ( 12.08.15 – 04:42 ) : Invested:10$
the 2nd order #501616 was executed on price : 1.12453 ( 12.08.15 – 04:43 ) : Invested: 200$ : In Known PRICE never reached 1.12xxx in this minute , the real price is 1.10680 .

So THis position is 100% Lost wich mean i lost all invested money in this position.

Also , Both Current Option Rate  are different !!, altought must be the same, also both orders was executed in the same Hour with difference of 2 Minutes only , However the position was kept open as this High price rate !

UPDATE : Aug 14th 2015 .

  • The order #501615 was closed on Set Expriry time as mentioned : 17:00 GMT .

Until Here no Problem with This Position , but this position still proof the current real price in video. is confirmed after the Expiry time of order #501616 , This Position is WIN position following the real price on markets known in every platform and banks , The amount of profit should be added to my Balance and position appear in EXPIRED POSITIONS  .

Look What Happened :

The Position Was Deleted from Server , all trace remouved , Also My Money is GONE not back to my Balance, is for that we have taken a Final Verdict that No1Options is SCAM & Fraud Company .

A complaint will be opened , we will follow this company for fraud and scam At the level of the courts specialized  in fraud crimes , S.O. Marketing LTD or   SHOF Marketing LTD , or Is SCAM & Fake Companies .

This company Also cooperate with Scamers from Israel as confirmed in Domain registration infos


Copy Trade Profit is or wealthywheattrader , is currently one of the Binary Options  SCAM Auto trading software that give Only LOSS signals available online. Copy Trade Profit  or shows that it is almost completely Fake automated binary trading software and the profit rate is less than 5% what we are sure 100% that Copy Trade Profit is a SCAM Binary Options software as Tested , which make these softwares a way of marketing for this company to attract more victims in the term of affiliate commission .

Whois Domains Data Taken Before This scammer Protect privacty for these domains Name .

Waiting Other Victims send their case .

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  1. SHA said:

    I think i am being defrauded by this company. I am doing my best to get the investment back. That is my first priority. I will get back here with the result,may take few weeks.

  2. admin said:

    Don’t break your Head , they will not refund you or withdraw any money, October 23 to 28th , i was in United Kingdom, i checked the location building by building, no trace of them, is only scammer website with no headquarter .

  3. Marcuba said:

    What is in the game for no1option when you lose all your money? I have money at stake overthere.

  4. Wayne said:

    My experience was different…obviously i didnt earn as much as they said,but i made a 25% profit with guided trades from one of their brokers in 1 month!! i asked to withdraw and after sending all the documents i got my money in a few days.

  5. Kevin Salter said:

    I only invested 100USD. I did not trade, but they refuse to return my money. 100 dollars deposited, only 97 dollars in my account. They tell me minimum to withdraw is 97 dollars. They will not tell me where the missing 3 dollars went.
    my advice, don’t touch them

  6. admin said:

    Our Investigation revealead some names behind this Fraud Company .

    Daniel Collins ( Senior Broker ) :
    Chris ( Account Manager ) :
    Alex Trazer ( Senior Broker ) :

    Other Not Reveal Their names in Emails, we are preparing a solid proof to cooperate with Cyber Crime Police.

  7. Selvi Rajaian said:

    Hi my name is Selvi. I have deposited USD 17,000$.Jacob Goldstain asking more money to withdraw the money. Please if anyone knows about this let me know. thanks

  8. Angela said:

    No1 Options, and Dave Rosenberg and SHOF Marketing who owns them are criminals. They stole $100,000 from me through a few authorised transactions, the rest through helping themselves to a spending spree on my credit cards. i am still fighting to get money back because since I put through a few transactions, the bank looks at the $70k in unauthorised transactions with suspicion. Ownership of the No1 Options scam has been transferred to OTP Solutions, registered in the UK. The new director is a Mexican National, Jose Cosmes Lancon. A background check shows no evidence that this person even existed before OTP was incorporated in late 2015. I am still investigating further but it appears that this is part of the Israeli binary options scam scandal

  9. Zantia said:

    Hi , I am facing a tough time with No1options. They have given all forms of investment strategies and each time made me pay more. Have gone upto having a cash account with 50 K deposited and had a VIP account in 6 months. The broker only is interested in deposits. Started asking for withdrawls of my profits and was only rebuked into making a further deposit as withdrawl fee. Once withdrawl fee paid they force me to join some club and without my consent claim the club account is active and i must pay another 10K. I have refused to payup so now all the money is frozen. i want my money deposited back, brokers do not respond unless you keep paying. How do i get my money back ?

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